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Reshape Your Native Advertising With Native Audit

A one-off audit of all your campaigns.
Workable solutions to improve performance and boost profits.
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Native Advertising Audit

A one-off audit

Identify performance issues and optimize your campaigns without hiring an advertising agency.

We offer one-off audits to review your native advertising performance, discuss findings, and highlight areas for improvement.

Comprehensive review

Our in-depth audit involves analyzing your campaigns at every level, including audience targeting, bidding models, creatives, landing pages, and more.

After our workshop, you'll have a clear understanding of the effectiveness of your investments and potential threats.

Tailor-made strategy

Get a custom strategy to maximize your native advertising ROI.

Based on our findings, we provide you with recommendations on how you can strengthen your campaigns and run more productive tests to achieve desired metrics.

Easy implementation

To improve your native advertising performance, we suggest workable solutions.

With a clearly-defined action plan, you'll be able to apply the necessary changes yourself.

Why Audit Your Campaigns


Evaluate budget allocation

Are you making the most out of your allocated budgets? What are the areas of improvement? We look into your native ad strategy and provide recommendations on how you could improve return on ad spend.


Revisit your campaigns

Have you set achievable goals? Can you deliver get better click-through rates? We analyze your native advertising performance at every level and estimate the potential of your campaigns to deliver the desired results.


Improve your targeting strategy

Based on your goals, target audience demographics, and the buyer's journey, we define the most effective targeting options.


Build high-converting landing pages

We analyze your landing pages and suggest ways of improving your conversion rates.


Develop effective native ads

After reviewing your native ads, we provide you with tips on how you can improve their CTRs and attract more relevant visitors.


Get more insights from performance data

Your performance reports store all the necessary data to build better campaigns. We look into your reporting setup and share insights into how you can get more informative reports.

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