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Google ads alternatives

10 Best Google Ads Alternatives in 2022

Dec 6, 2021

With a variety of advertising options and the wide reach of the Google partners Network, Google Ads is still considered to be the best advertising platform by most marketing professionals. However, that doesn’t mean that you should focus all of your effort and advertising budget on one platform alone.

Lead scoring models explained

How To Build A Simple Lead Scoring Model

Nov 15, 2021

You’ve got a ton of inbound leads flowing in, but how do you know who’s really interested and who’s just browsing? It’s time to find out about lead scoring.

Postback URL explained

Postback URL Tracking For Affiliate Marketers

Oct 6, 2021

If you are involved in affiliate marketing, you have to face the pain of postback tracking. Even though it’s a pretty hard tracking method for understanding, it has a lot of benefits for your advertising strategy.

Iconic examples of SaaS ads

SaaS Advertising: Iconic Ad Examples For All Goals

Sep 14, 2021

Lead generation ads, brand awareness campaigns, sales-driven ads – when you run paid campaigns for a SaaS company, you create ad creatives and landing pages of all types on a daily basis. It’s no surprise you might run out of ideas at some point.

How to get started as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate Marketing 101: Your Guide To Passive Income

Aug 30, 2021

35% of affiliate marketers make $20,000 annually at the least. This marketing strategy doesn’t have barriers to entry and doesn’t require any investments but your time. With some time and effort, you can create a great source of passive income in a few months.