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A marketer looking for the best affiliate programs

30+ Best Affiliate Marketing Programs To Boost Your Profits

Jul 11, 2020

While some marketers treat affiliate marketing as an additional revenue source, others manage to build a strategy that allows them to make a good living. Whatever motivation is driving you, your profits will highly depend on the programs you’ll choose.

Expert roundup on advertising during a crisis

15+ Advertising Experts on Managing Online Ads in A Crisis

Jul 7, 2020

With the changes brought by the lockdown, every brand needed to review their values, marketing plans, and budgets. Online advertising fell into the category of marketing techniques that have been affected the most.

Native advertising optimization guide

Native Ad Campaign Optimization Guide [Checklist Included]

Jul 1, 2020

To reach your goals with native advertising, launching a new campaign isn’t enough. Tracking, testing, and ongoing optimization are vital to building a successful paid campaign.

Facebook advertising alternatives

Top 10 Alternatives to Facebook Ads

Jun 23, 2020

Facebook advertising is effective. But it doesn’t mean you should focus all your attention on it. There are lots of channels for paid advertising that might deliver you even better results.

Slack communities for marketers and advertisers

Slack Communities for Marketers and Advertisers

Jun 22, 2020

Looking for a place to ask questions about your campaigns or just learn more about native advertising? Then stop – you’re on the right page.