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A native advertising campaign for an affiliate

How to Do Native Advertising for Affiliate Marketing

Apr 21, 2020

Native advertising can be used to complement different marketing techniques. In this post, we’re telling you how to leverage native advertising for affiliate marketing and make more money.

Native advertising examples

Great Native Advertising Examples of 2021

Apr 13, 2020

When done right, native advertising can be engaging, intriguing, inspiring, and just effective. And we’re here to prove it.

Programmatic advertising explained

Programmatic Advertising Explained. DSP, SSP, and Ad Exchanges

Apr 6, 2020

The advertising industry has undergone great changes in the last decade. The development of programmatic advertising simplified the relationship between advertisers and publishers and let everyone scale faster. But what is online advertising today?

Joinative's Native Advertising Report Templates

How to Work with Our Free Advertising Report Templates

Mar 31, 2020

Reporting is the most time-consuming and tedious part of an advertiser’s daily routine. Whether you’re working for a client or running native ad campaigns in-house, you must have already spent plenty of time building regular reports.

Server to server tracking for Outbrain

Server to Server Conversion Tracking for Outbrain

Mar 26, 2020

There are many reasons to set up the Server to Server conversion tracking tracking for Outbrain. Maybe you want to track and optimize towards in-app events, trigger conversions based on CRM data, or just want more accurate numbers to work with.

Here’s what you need to get started.