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Facebook advertising alternatives

Top 10 Alternatives to Facebook Ads In 2022

Jun 23, 2020

Facebook advertising is effective. But it doesn’t mean you should focus all your attention on it. There are lots of channels for paid advertising that might deliver you even better results.

Slack communities for marketers and advertisers

Slack Communities for Marketers and Advertisers

Jun 22, 2020

Looking for a place to ask questions about your campaigns or just learn more about native advertising? Then stop – you’re on the right page.

MGID review for advertisers

MGID Review for Advertisers

Jun 16, 2020

We’ve already reviewed Outbrain, Taboola, Verizon Media Native, and Revcontent. Today, we’ll add one more platform to this list – meet MGID, a [n]ative advertising platform](/10-best-native-ad-platforms) that serves 850 million unique visitors per month.

Interview with programmatic advertising experts

Native Ad Platforms vs DSPs: What Do Experts Recommend?

Jun 9, 2020

How to choose between native DSPs and native ad platforms? Should you choose at all? We’re going to talk about the differences between these two and share experts’ opinions on the topic.

Interview with Sandra Wu

Sandra Wu on Blinkist’s Native Advertising Campaigns

Jun 2, 2020

It’s very likely that you’ve already seen native ads run by Blinkist. The company has been running successful native advertising campaigns for a few years and isn’t going to stop.