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A marketer sets up a native advertising campaign for eCommerce

How to Nail Native Advertising for eCommerce

Feb 18, 2020

How to drive traffic to an online store? This is an open question for every eCommerce marketer or site owner. Native advertising can be the answer.

The right choice of the Taboola targeting option

The Guide to Taboola's Targeting Options

Feb 11, 2020

The success of your native advertising campaign depends on the targeting options you select. Whatever goals you set, you should focus on reaching the right audience with the right content first.

A man building a content distribution strategy

How to Build a Content Distribution Strategy

Feb 4, 2020

Whether your content marketing is effective or not depends on how well you cope with content distribution. Creating good content isn’t enough. To deliver results, your content should be seen and perceived.

Example for the Oauth Authentication for Yahoo Gemini

The Yahoo API OAuth Authentication Process Guide & Example

Jan 27, 2020

You’re trying to connect to the Yahoo Gemini API (Verizon Media Native), or any of the other Yahoo API services but first need to go through authentication.

A traffic sign pointing at the native advertising mistakes

Why My Campaigns Don't Work: 9 Native Advertising Mistakes

Jan 22, 2020

You gave in to all the advantages of native advertising and launched your first campaign(s) to enjoy them. But something went wrong.