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Ad fraud explained

Ad Fraud Explained: How It Works and How to Avoid It

Aug 31, 2020

Has ad fraud ever affected your campaigns? You might even fail to notice that your advertising budget is being wasted on bot traffic. Fortunately, we know how to avoid it.

Native Advertising Q&A Recap

[Recap] Q&A With Jon Mitchell, Revcontent

Aug 25, 2020

On August 13, the Native Ad Talks community saw a Q&A with Jon Mitchell, Manager of Sales and Brand Solutions at Revcontent.

MGID API Authentication Guide

MGID API Guide - Connecting to the Advertiser API and doing the Client Authentication

Aug 23, 2020

While the MGID Advertiser API should help advertisers generate great performance, its interface is a bit messy. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start exploring it shortly after you start your first campaigns. This guide will show you how to connect and do the authentication for the MGID API.

Email marketing strategy for affiliate marketers

How to Grow Your Affiliate Income via Email Marketing

Aug 19, 2020

When we think of the most effective marketing channel for growing affiliate income, email marketing is by far the most cost-effective option. Out of all the marketing channels, emails target the right set of audience by sending them a personalized and well-tailored pitch.

Native ad services for marketing agencies

Joinative Offers Native Ad Services to Marketing Agencies

Aug 17, 2020

Are you a founder, CEO, or a manager at a digital marketing agency? We have an offer for you!