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A ruler measuring native advertising performance

How to Measure Native Advertising Performance

Jan 13, 2020

To ensure you’re achieving your marketing goals, you need to keep monitoring your marketing campaigns. Native advertising is no exception.

People discussing whether they should hire a native advertising agency

Should You Hire a Native Advertising Agency or Do It In-House?

Jan 2, 2020

So you decided to run a native advertising campaign. Where should you start? Should you do it in-house or hire a native advertising agency?

Outbrain Amplify API connected with Python

How to Connect to the Outbrain API - Authenticate using Python

Dec 24, 2019

There are thousands of reasons why you would want to connect to the Outbrain Amplify API. Regardless of yours, you will first need to go through the authentication.

Babbel case study

Native in Action: How Babbel Nails Native Advertising

Dec 23, 2019

Native advertising is not only a widely discussed advertising technique but also a widely used one. To prove a point, we’re launching a series of native advertising case studies demonstrating how successful brands leverage the power of native ads.

Best holiday marketing campaigns

Best Examples of Ho-Ho-Holiday Marketing Campaigns [2021 Update]

Dec 20, 2019

The holiday season always sees a splash of creative marketing campaigns. Consumers are never so open to brands’ marketing efforts as they’re during the festive season.